Metro Defender D2

Metro Defender D2

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ASP Defender OC (pepper spray) devices are unique in form and function. Unlike other self defense sprays, Defenders are designed to hold and activate horizontally—this has the benefit of helping to ensure the spray goes where it’s meant to, minimizing the risk of spraying in the wrong direction. It also supports the “Defender Forward” protective/reactive body position that ASP teaches in its Be Your Own Defender (“BYOD”) training classes. Defenders are able to operate this way thanks to a proprietary aerosol canister and valve system (together called the Insert). The Insert is replaceable, so if used or when a recommended change date (marked on valve) comes up, you don’t have to throw away your entire pepper spray device. Just discard the inexpensive insert, and reload the Defender with a new one.

The standard ASP “Heat” Insert (one included with the Defender) is packed with the exact same OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) irritant used by law enforcement. It’s a 10% concentration of 1.33% major capsaicinoids—a potent formula capable of quickly disabling an attacker, buying you time to get away. Inert “Test” spray Inserts are also available for practice, or for safely function testing your Defender. The D2 size Defender contains approximately twelve half-second bursts, with a five foot range (may vary with conditions). A D1 size is also available, with approximately six bursts.

The Metro Defender model is made of meticulously engineered and machined aluminum, so it’s lightweight yet virtually indestructible. It’s got a micro-knurled surface for a secure grip. Like all Defender models, it’s compact and discreet, so you can carry it anywhere. It features a quick, intuitive thumb-release safety and O-ring sealed dispersal port. Its solid brass actuator has a hole for attaching to your key ring as an alternate carry method.

IMPORTANT: Pepper spray cannot be shipped to AK, DC, HI, MA, NY, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands or internationally. May be shipped to other locations via ground service only.

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